Wednesday, February 13, 2008

B-Man Mega Update: Part 4

Thanks to the wonder of modern technology, you get to see me in motion!

Mega Update: Part 4
Me In Motion

Talkie little me!

Just can't open the box!

B-Man Mega Update: Part 3

Let's call this one...

Mega Update: Part 3
Me 2!

One of the warmest outside outfits I have is this bear suit. Ever play Super Mario Brothers 3? Yea, like that!

Here I am in my bumbo-thingy. It helps me sit up by myself.

Daddy got in an artsy mood with his camera phone with this one. Am I standing? Is the world sideways? Hmmm...

Ever dream of being superman?

Grandma Brendel loves spending time with me!

On Belay down there? Ready to descend!

Me and daddy had some guy time while mommy went wall climbing with our friends.

B-Man Mega Update: Part 2

Let's keep the good stuff coming! I hope you enjoyed my Christmas photos! There are so many milestones in my first year! It's hard to keep up with all of them sometimes. Well, no mega update would be complete without...

Mega Update: Part 2
Me, Me, Me!

Have I mentioned how cute I can be?

Here's my new hat and mittens. These mittens don't taste like my fingers do!

Here I am in the Jumperoo. I jump so much it makes me sick!

Just kidding! I never get sick of jumping! Just ask mommy and daddy!

The great thing about jumping is that I have strong legs. I can stand up when mommy and daddy help me. Here I am caught in the act!

Here's me and my "adopted aunt" Amanda. She's comfy!

Speaking of comfy, I can't help but kick back sometimes and nap a little.

As you can see, I have mastered the art of sleeping anywhere!

I love cuddling!

Daddy thought this was a striking, three quarter profile shot of me. Very contemplative, don't you think?

B-Man Mega Update: Part 1

Welcome to the B-Man Mega Update! Lots have happened since you saw me last, so daddy said he wants to get everyone up to speed on me. I was sick with a yucky cold for most of January. So was daddy! Mommy had a cold for a while too. I was OK for a couple of weeks, but now I have another cold that makes my nose really snotty. I don't like it, and it makes mommy and daddy nervous when they put me to sleep cause I slurp and snort because my nose is so stuffy. If I could only blow my nose! OK, let's do this thing!

Mega Update: Part 1
My First Christmas!

My first Christmas has come and gone, and boy did I rake it in! I have so much stuff that I can't play with yet that mommy and daddy say I'm set until I'm 4! I don't know about that, but hey, boys do like their toys, abundant though they be! I got to open packages (kind of), play with boxes, and meet an old guy in a red suit that kept asking me questions. I was a little suspicious, but he must be a nice guy, cause there was a line of people coming to sit on his lap! If I'm nice when I grow up, I wonder if people will line up to sit on my lap! We'll see. I also gave a go at eating baby food for the first time. Boy is that stuff tangy! Daddy mixes it up with my oatmeal baby cereal now, and it's not so bad. Oatmeal, fruit, all mixed with a little formula; it's like having cobbler or something! Well, see for yourself...

Here I am, starring in my first Christmas play! That's me stage right with mommy!

I'm not sure about this guy, but don't tell him that!

That's not formula!!!

Four generations! Don't see that every day!

This is Lauren. She's my new friend and she makes me laugh! She's my daddy's cousin's daughter. I don't know what that makes her in relation to me, so I just call her my friend.