Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here Are Some Firsts!

There's all kinds of "firsts" going on for me right now! Here's just a few...

My first Halloween! It's hard work being a pumpkin!

The first time I met daddy's uncle Terry...

and aunt Carolyn! This is right before a Purdue football game!

More Favorite Things...

Here are more things I like to do these days!

You can't see me! I'm hiding from the camera!

I'm trying to figure out how these hands work!

I love sitting up like a big boy! I can stand too, with mommy and daddy's help!

Napping with mommy in the morning. Sweet dreams!

My Dedication

Hi everyone! I'm getting bigger and I thought it was time daddy got busy showing everyone! Here I am at my baby dedication. It's been a while, but it was still warm outside when these were taken. Mommy and daddy love Jesus, and they're glad I was dedicated back to the Lord!

It's dedication time, and feeding time!

I got the giggles during church!

I'm tired of photos, but this is a good one of mommy & daddy!

What a beautiful family!

Boys have to stick together!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One of my favorite things...

Daddy wanted to post a video of one of my favorite things to do, which is watch the fishies on my swing go round and round! It always makes me smile! See ya soon!

Hi everyone!

I missed everyone out there and thought I would show you more pictures of me getting bigger and being cute! Here we go...

Here's mommy at Lincoln State Park. She climbed up this fire tower with me in her belly! Go mommy!

This is me after I came home from the hospital. I had to lay on this "Billy Blanket" for a while, cause my skin was yellow. Daddy called me his little glow worm!

This is me and my friend Hayden Smock. Hayden is brand new in this picture, just a couple of weeks after I came!

We thought the baseball game we were at was kind of boring, so we took a nap!

I'm tired a lot! Especially after I have my bottle at feeding time...

And I sleep in the silliest places!

Here I am at my very first fall festival! I rode around in mommy's baby carrier all over Franklin Street. There were so many sounds, smells and lights to look at! My friend Jackie Elder won the Queen contest! Mommy was so excited! I got fussy when I went home, and I had an accident when I got there. Mommy called it a poopie explosion! I got it all over her and my car seat. It was a yuckie mess, but mommy and daddy are getting used to that stuff. I love them a lot!

Well, there's more to tell you and I'm getting bigger all the time, so I'll show you more sometime soon. Bye!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Look how silly I am!

Like father, like son!

No more pictures, please!

One of my favorite places to sleep; curled up on mommy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What does my name mean?

Daddy likes my name! He thinks it's neat to know what names mean and he studied my name before I was born. Daddy likes doing geeky things like that, but he thinks it's fun! Here's what he wrote about my name in his blog. I'll put more pictures in here for you to see too. I hear the bottle calling! Bye everyone!

Brayden Israel
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's in a name...
There is so much in a name. When we speak the name of someone we love or know, all that they are passes before our hearts and minds, as if it is a container of thoughts and memories we have of that person. Emotion, humor, longing, and sometimes pain and disappointment can follow a name long after the person is gone. It is plain to see that a name is a powerful thing.

In the time of the Old and New Testament, a name was given that defined who that person was. Each name had a meaning, stemming from a circumstance or even a prophetic foresight into who that person was, or was to become. Jacob (heel-catcher), making his own way, wrestled with God, and after a dislocated hip, became dependent on God for the rest of his life, and became Israel (He will rule as God). Simon, known for his boldness in answering the Lord in Mt. 16:16, and then being rebuked in verse 22 and 23 because of his proud confidence, and again telling the Lord he would die for Him, and being corrected again for a prideful answer in Lk. 22:33-34 became Peter (Greek form of the Aramaic surname Cephas, meaning "Rock"), a quality displayed at the day of pentecost in Acts 2. Saul of Tarsus, a Hebrew of Hebrews (Philippians 3:4-6) and a Pharasee became Paul (little), brought low by the Lord, and as a result, used in powerful ways. Their names matched who they were, and reflected who they would become.

Defining a life...
With all this in mind, the thought of coming up with a name for our baby boy became a weighty task. When we thought the baby was a girl, the name was predetermined by Nikki to be "Lillian Nicole," after her great grandmother; a woman with a heritage of loving the Lord. Now, knowing we were going to have a boy, I wanted to take it upon myself to find a name that would both speak into the future life of our son, and have a powerful witness to those who would hear his name. I wanted it to be unique enough that it would not compete with the other "John Doe" names that have become to common to strike any interest.

Diving right in, Nikki started researching names and printed off over 1,000 names, which she read to me one by one, telling me her top 10 or so choices. After reviewing the list, and considering her top choices, Brayden seemed to linger in my mind, which shocked Nikki, thinking I would have gone for something different. It was one of those moments where the name just lingers and doesn't get replaced in your head by another, so we chose to put it on the "contender" list, which at this point, only consisted of Brayden. What about the middle name? Other names were ok, but none of them had the same lingering quality Brayden had. The name Israel stirred my thoughts for some reason, and pairing the two together, I mentioned it to Nikki, who admitted she liked it. We ran through the usual routine of imagining what nicknames might arise out of it, and whether it would be an object of teasing later on in life, and we seemed to come up dry there. Also, the meaning of the names was of importance to me, and the meaning the list gave of Brayden was "from the wide valley." The meaning we found on the list for the name Israel was "governed by God." The names had a complex meaning that rang in my mind; "from the wide valley, governed by God." Wanting to verify the meaning and get a true picture of these names that were beginning to be the only label me and Nikki were giving to our son-to-be, I decided to dig further and understand the full meaning of the words "Brayden Israel."

Brayden had many different variations, all with slightly different meanings. Braden was the name which meant "from the wide valley.' All the variations were English, Irish, or Scottish in origin. So I broke the name down into its root words, 'bray' and "den." Also, because the name was old in origin, I wanted to use resources that would give me an older, non-contemporary definition of the words, so I looked in the 1828 Webster's Dictionary and other dictionary's of similar age. Here is what I found...

Bray, verb
* To pound, beat or grind small; as, to bray a fool in a mortar. Prov. 27
* To utter a loud and harsh cry (Celtic origin)

Bray, noun
* A bank or mound of earth used for fortification; specifically, a wall or other work in advance of and covering the gate of a fortress.
* Part of a river confined between dikes to facilitate the catching of fish.
* The upper part of any thing or place.
* Top, summit, hill, peak, or mound.
* A piece of sloping ground, an acclivity or declivity.

Brayde, see braid.

Braid, verb (early modern English)
* Move to and fro, vibrate, brandish, draw, weave, braid, turn, change, etc. (ME. Brayden)

Braid, a. (Scotch)
* Broad

Den, noun
* A cave or hollow place in the earth; usually applied to a cave, pit, or subterraneous recess, used for concealment, shelter, protection or security; as a lions den; a den of robbers or thieves. The beasts go into dens. The children of Israel made themselves dens. Job 37. Judges 6.
* As a termination, in names of places, it denotes the place to be in a valley or near a wood.
* A valley, floor, deck.
* A hollow place in the earth or in a rock.
* A narrow valley, a glen, a dell. (chiefly Scotch)

Den, verb
* To dwell in, or as if in a den.

There are two different possibilities here.

Yisra'el- He will rule (as) God. From the words...
* sarah- to prevail, have power (as a prince)
* el- Mighty one, the Almighty, God.


* Sareta- you have wrestled
* el- God

So, there is some insight into the name, and maybe the future, of our son-to-come... Brayden Israel Brendel!

Now that daddy's done, here's more pictures of me! Bye!

Daddy got to play with me while me and mommy were in recovery!

Mommy's happy I get to go home!

I'm Tired!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I'm New Around Here!

Hi everybody! I'm learning so much since leaving mommy and I thought I would tell everyone what I've been seeing and doing in this big ol' world I'm in right now. I'm finally learning to feed and get into a routine around here. I sleep between 2.5 and 4 hours between feedings, so I'm dreaming a lot! Mommy and daddy say I grin and smile in my sleep, but I've never seen it! I can't wait til I'm smiling and laughing when I'm awake!
I was born weighing 5 pounds, 11 ounces and lost 10 ounces the next day. Don't worry though, cause I gained 5 ounces again the day after that. Mommy weighed me on the scale with her and subtracted her own weight and she said I was over 6 pounds! Wohoo! Thanks enfamil! I'm gonna show you some pictures of me now, and then it's time for another diaper change! I'll see everyone soon!

This is mommy just before she went to the hospital to have me!

Here I am looking cute in the recovery room!

Now we really are a family!

Time to go home!