Tuesday, October 9, 2007

One of my favorite things...

Daddy wanted to post a video of one of my favorite things to do, which is watch the fishies on my swing go round and round! It always makes me smile! See ya soon!

Hi everyone!

I missed everyone out there and thought I would show you more pictures of me getting bigger and being cute! Here we go...

Here's mommy at Lincoln State Park. She climbed up this fire tower with me in her belly! Go mommy!

This is me after I came home from the hospital. I had to lay on this "Billy Blanket" for a while, cause my skin was yellow. Daddy called me his little glow worm!

This is me and my friend Hayden Smock. Hayden is brand new in this picture, just a couple of weeks after I came!

We thought the baseball game we were at was kind of boring, so we took a nap!

I'm tired a lot! Especially after I have my bottle at feeding time...

And I sleep in the silliest places!

Here I am at my very first fall festival! I rode around in mommy's baby carrier all over Franklin Street. There were so many sounds, smells and lights to look at! My friend Jackie Elder won the Queen contest! Mommy was so excited! I got fussy when I went home, and I had an accident when I got there. Mommy called it a poopie explosion! I got it all over her and my car seat. It was a yuckie mess, but mommy and daddy are getting used to that stuff. I love them a lot!

Well, there's more to tell you and I'm getting bigger all the time, so I'll show you more sometime soon. Bye!