Thursday, March 27, 2008

My First Easter

Here are some pics of my first Easter. Mommy forgot to take pics when we went to Koressel Easter at Minus', so she took some when we got home before I changed into my pj's.

Grandma Lori

I don't have many pics on here of my grandma Lori, so thanks to Aunt Cassie "Ca Ca" I can now post a couple. This post is totally dedicated just to her! I love my grandma! I get to see her really soon & I'm excited!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More pics!

Brayden fell asleep in his jumperoo! It was hilarious & a bear to get him out of!

Mark & I went to New Harmony for our 3 yr. weddimg anniversary! We stayed at the New Harmony Inn - which is where we went for our wedding night & Mark proposed in New Harmony State Park --- so it's our special place and only 30 min. away! Plus, our friends opened a restaurant there, so we ate there Friday night when we went for our anniversary. That's the pic of the sign above! The food was amazing! Lora Defries & Eli Haddix are doing a great job! There will be more pics on mommy's blog --

Brayden in his exersaucer! We trade between jumperoo & exersaucer! Anything to keep him entertained!

What mommy! haven't you seen a handsome man in an exersaucer before?

I love my da da!

I love going upside down! It makes me giggle! only daddy does it though.

Here's me and my daddy again! He's my favorite! I get so excited when he comes home and we play!

Aunt Ca Ca and Me! I love & miss her soo much! She always buys me cute outfits!