Saturday, December 8, 2007

Here Are Some Firsts!

There's all kinds of "firsts" going on for me right now! Here's just a few...

My first Halloween! It's hard work being a pumpkin!

The first time I met daddy's uncle Terry...

and aunt Carolyn! This is right before a Purdue football game!

More Favorite Things...

Here are more things I like to do these days!

You can't see me! I'm hiding from the camera!

I'm trying to figure out how these hands work!

I love sitting up like a big boy! I can stand too, with mommy and daddy's help!

Napping with mommy in the morning. Sweet dreams!

My Dedication

Hi everyone! I'm getting bigger and I thought it was time daddy got busy showing everyone! Here I am at my baby dedication. It's been a while, but it was still warm outside when these were taken. Mommy and daddy love Jesus, and they're glad I was dedicated back to the Lord!

It's dedication time, and feeding time!

I got the giggles during church!

I'm tired of photos, but this is a good one of mommy & daddy!

What a beautiful family!

Boys have to stick together!