Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So, I realize that it's been forever since I've updated, but I actually have updated. The new update is on my blog about if you wanna check out updates & new pics on the B-man just go to my blog which is Brayden is crawling (army w/ occasional knees), pulling himself up, walking holding onto the couch while being on the couch, holding his own bottle, trying to master the sippy cup but still prefers the bottle, still saying his usual words but is putting the words together to items such as Brayden knows I'm mama, and Mark is dada, and he lets us know he's hungry by saying ba ba. He's into everything and going everywhere eve places he knows are no-no's. He's a little over 10mo. & I'm starting to have to discipline. I gave him three chances yesterday...he knows not to play with the floor register, 'cause they are yucky! I told him no with a little smack on hand and redirection the 1st & 2nd time also with both times saying look at mama and he refused-normally he's pretty good about looking at me the 1st time I say it. Anyway, the 3rd time I stopped him before he got over there just like I did the 2nd time as well, said Brayden look at mama, he didn't so I grabbed his face to look at me which he hates anyone to force him to do anything that he doesn't want to do - I guess typical kid. So, he looked at me and i stearnly said no-no! & redirected. So, as soon as he started crawling over there again...when he got close I grabbed his face to look at him said no-no you need to listen to mama and I said no so since nothing else is working you will get a time out! I took him to his room, turned on the lights so he knew it wasn't night-night time, sat him in a sitting position in his crib and said Brayden you didn't listen to mama when she said no so you have to sit in here for a few minutes to think about what you did. (as if he can do that..but just gearing up for the future, ya know.) Then I walked out leaving the door opened a big crack and walked out. Of course he started crying for a bit and stopped like a min. later. I finished putting up the dishes, then Mark came home and I told him that his son was in time out. Then we went and got him and told him that we love him, played, then fed him..ya know all the normal parenting stuff. Isn't funny that when our kids are in trouble they are all of a sudden the other parents child, and yet when they are doing awesome and someone asks who's child is this you proudly claim that it is yours! Why do we do that? I don't know, but I'm sure guilty! The disciplining right now is really hard for's like nothing works. Although, the time out did...he didn't go back there the rest of the night. So, maybe I'll have to do that for now. FYI - I'm not opposed to just seems that TO is working better for Brayden right now.
Well, I gotta go...don't forget to check out my blog for pics & updates of the B-man! Oh, and we are going on a vacation kinda... We are going out to PA & RI for vacation and dropping off Mark at Grad school for a 2 weeks while we go camping in Mark's parents camper with his parents. I'm looking forward to it, but don't know how the whole keeping him on a schedule will work but we'll see soon enough!