Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm a big boy now...

I'm going pee on the potty multiple times a day now, but still like to go poo poo in my pull-up. They try to take me potty before or after meals, before/after nap, and before bed. Sometimes I even ask to go to the potty. Mommy & Daddy are hoping that I get the most of potty training down before my baby brother, Micah, arrives in April. That's right...I'm a big bubby! I'm already in a big boy bed (twin) so that Micah can use my toddler bed that daddy needs to convert back to a crib. Mamaw helped me put together my new room that I will share with Micah. She even made me a quilt for my new bed that I call my mamaw nap and I have to sleep with it every night. Well, I'm getting a cold Mommy & Daddy think so hopefully I'll be better soon. Night night!

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